Dazzling Lobby Remodel at 333 West Santa Clara Street

Posted by Megan Toeniskoetter
September 29, 2021 | Keywords: Corporate  


The Comerica Bank Building at 333 W. Santa Clara Street in San Jose has a sparkling new upgrade to the building’s lobby, thanks to work completed by Toeniskoetter Construction. The interior design is a welcome complement to the building’s sleek exterior, which Toeniskoetter modernized for the client just four years ago.

Designed by HGA San Jose, the two-story lobby now features a glittering sculptural light fixture, which plays off the space’s existing artwork. Like the exterior upgrade, which involved imported panels from Spain, the interior revamp also reached beyond borders, with Toeniskoetter managing the movement of the large Arboreal light fixture from Canada. View more photos here.

The installation was no easy task. “We had to find a way to do this extensive ceiling work while still keeping the lobby itself a safe, well-lit place for visitors,” said Taylor Nordberg, Executive Vice President of Toeniskoetter Construction.

That meant effectively creating a temporary second story in the lobby so business could carry on below while work took place above. A network of scaffolding was erected with a protective floor, ensuring safe spaces both above and below. Then crews got to work removing the outdated existing ceiling, a T-bar grid with dark, reflective tiles, and replacing it with a hard lid ceiling. The surface was painted white, and enhanced lighting was installed. Finally – the pièce de resistance: the eye-catching architectural light fixture itself was carefully put in place.

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