Team Member Spotlight: Taylor Nordberg

Posted by Megan Toeniskoetter
September 29, 2021


It was 2009, and Taylor Nordberg had a choice to make. As an exploration geologist, Taylor had worked in the American West, Mexico, and even briefly in Morocco. Family had brought him to the Bay Area, but a brutal recession now drastically narrowed his opportunities. He could look out of state for a mining job, or he could try his hand at something new and stay close to home.

He decided to see if the project management experience he’d developed in the gold exploration industry could be utilized in the world of high tech and soon found work in the building automation industry. “I learned a lot about MEP systems, the low voltage controls used to operate them, and how to customize building data focused on the client’s need for actionable information. More importantly, I was able to see how decisions, made early in the construction process, play out over the short and long term,” Taylor recalls. By the time he joined Toeniskoetter seven years later, he was adept at managing complex projects, and his full building automation experience brought an extra depth and versatility to the team.

Taylor credits his career growth at Toeniskoetter to his “amazing mentors” here as well as the company’s family oriented focus, which was important to him as a father of two young children. It took on a special significance when his newborn daughter was diagnosed with a heart defect and required open-heart surgery at the age of 3 months. Happily, now 2-year-old Berra is fully recovered today and is a “force of nature,” according to her dad.

As a partner and Executive Vice President of Toeniskoetter Construction, Taylor’s focus is squarely on the future. “Our business is based on relationships, so we want to make sure taking care of our clients remains our Number One priority,” he explains. “Our continued success will rest on pursuing new relationships where communication, follow through, and solving problems for our clients matters.”

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