Toeniskoetter’s New Small Projects Group Expands Client Options

Posted by Megan Toeniskoetter
October 18, 2022


Clients know that Toeniskoetter is the go-to firm for big construction projects. But what about smaller construction needs, like a restroom refurbish, minor wall repairs, or even hanging a whiteboard? Now those projects, too, are just a phone call away, thanks to Toeniskoetter’s new Small Projects Group, headed by longtime project manager John Russo.

The group was launched last November as a “relief valve” of sorts for a wave of small project requests from clients. “We’re very focused on customer-service as a company,” says Russo, “and we wanted to make sure that the full spectrum of client needs was being met.” 

What actually falls under the “small project” umbrella? Just about anything that doesn’t require a permit, according to Russo. These range from finishes, minor electrical, and paint-and-patch jobs to suite demising, reconfiguration, and other minor tenant improvement projects, including ADA upgrades. And, yes, the team will also hang that whiteboard or artwork for you.

“Office needs are changing, and clients need to be able to quickly adapt their space, whether to re-size or reconfigure,” explains Megan Toeniskoetter, CEO. “Our new group fills an important market niche, but it’s also a natural outgrowth of our focus on client satisfaction.”

Anyone who has tried to enlist a contractor knows that small projects often fall to the back of the line.  Toeniskoetter’s Small Projects Group, however, offers a fast response, quick turnaround, and onsite supervision to make sure the job is done right. “We’re committed to giving clients what they want,” says Russo. “We’ll take on those small projects for them, and even better – we’ll make it easy.”

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